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Kaive Senču Oak (Kaives Senču ozols)

Other references to the location
About 0.5 km NW from Kaive, 120 m SE from the Senči homestead
lat=57.0641666667, lon=23.0252777778
57° 3' 51" N, 23° 1' 31" E

The Kaive Senču Oak is the fattest oak in Latvia. Its circumference is 10.2 m (the measurements show that the tree is continuing to increase its circumference: in 1940 it was 8.0 m, 1974 – 9.35 m, 1982 – 9.7 m, 1985 – 9.8 m, 1990.g. – 10.0 m), height 18.0 m, crown projection 250 m2, spread of branches up to 13.7 m. In 1920s thunders stroke the crown of the oak and

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in 1990 a half of the big branches broke. Now the remaining big branches have been supported by poles, above the rotten oak stump a rooflet has been constructed and the rotten cavities have been cemented. Several ribbons with national ornaments (“prievītes”) have been tied around the tree trunk and colourful pieces of cloth attached to the bark. The oak is very popular, much described and mentioned in various publications, however, its earlier designation as a sacred tree has not been conclusively proved and is disputable. Nowadays the monumental oak-tree in Kaives has acquired a new significance of a modern shrine.

Freely accessible, not far from the road, a parking lot, path, information.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
A parking lot on the side of the city road, information stand, toilet, path for about 100 m.
Local info
There is information.
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Legal Status
The Kaive Oak is included in a well-organized visiting infrastructure, the signs about the oak, however, appear only at the direct vicinity of the tree. At the roadside there is a parking lot for the visitors and a toilet. Further there is a gravel path leading to the oak. It seems that the path is running along the property border. The oak-tree is surrounded by several well-attended vegetable gardens and orchards as well as residential buildings, however, the visitor attendance is organized so that it does not disturb the inhabitants of the private houses. At the oak there is a decorative sign with the oak’s name. All together the good organization and cleanness of the place as well as the magnificence of the oak make an inspiring impression.

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