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Puļķi Devil's Stone (Puļķu Velna akmens)

Other references to the location
On the left side of the Liezēre–Cesvaine highway, 4 km of the Liezēre
lat=57.002618493073, lon=26.127566522878
57° 0' 9" N, 26° 7' 39" E

State archaeological heritage (State Inspection for Heritage Protection, No 1756). In the Puļķi Stone there are several naturally formed hollows and

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crumbs. Near the stone there are no homesteads, still it is not difficult to find the stone as it is quite large (length of 2.7 m, width of 2 m, height of 0.5 m) and rises right on the edge of the road. The closest homestead of Puļķi, near which the state archaeological heritage — Puļķi ancient burial ground is located, is situated 1.4 km to the right of the highway (Urtāns. Footprint Stones, Boundary Stones, Trough Stones (Pēdakmeņi, robežakmeņi, muldakmeņi).1990).


The hollows of the Puļķes Stone was worn out by the Devil's seat. Near the stone the Devil had a game with the passersby. (J. Urtāns. Vidzeme Trough Stones (Vidzemes Muldakmeņi). 2004) "Once in ancient times a farmer named Andžs drove by the stone at night and saw that someone was sitting on the stone. Andžs, being timid, gave his horse a lashing and tried to clear out at a trot. He heard that somebody was chasing after him calling: — Andž, wait! Having hardly driven away a little, the Devil jumped into his cart. But soon homesteads appeared at the road, a rooster crowed as the day was breaking, and the Devil fled away as quickly as he could. Andžs was happy to come home. Next day when looking at the stone one could see a hollow worn out by the Devil's seat.” (Urtāns, 1990)

A stone with hollows overgrown with moss. Nearby there is a small oak and two concrete poles (bases of electric poles) that bother the visual impression. There is trash scattered in the road ditch.
It can be easily found, on the edge of the road (2.5 m of the Liezēre–Cesvaine road), although it can be unnoticed on the forest background. No indication signs. In winter it could be partially covered with a snow layer from the road. A traffic rout Saulkrasti–Madona passes by. The nearest bus stop is "Puļķi”.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
The road section is straight and the width sufficient to stop. No facilitation whatsoever. The nearby road edge is definitely mown once a year.
Local info
No. The Puļķi homestead is ~500 m, on the opposite side of the road.
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Legal Status
State property
While chopping off bush on the roadside, some of them have been thrown upon the stone. Nearby there is some trash, just as usual on roadsides. It is not maintained as a cult object.

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