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Lieplejas Idols' (Sacrificial) Oaks (Liepleja Elku (Upuru) ozoli)

Other references to the location
About 200 m NE of the Lieplejas homestead
lat=57.5044444444, lon=25.0027777778
57° 30' 15" N, 25° 0' 10" E

The oaks are situated about 200 m NE of the Lieplejas homestead. In the last few years, large bushes have grown under the oaks, which obstruct the view to the oaks and

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make it impossible to see them from a distance. Three larger oaks have been preserved (circumference of 1.3 m, height 4.00; 4.30 and 4.20 m (data as of 1976)); the fourth, a little bit smaller oak, is growing at a distance on the banks of a pond. There are stairs leaned against one of the oaks and a swarm box hung. On the other oak, there is a plate with undecipherable numbers. By the oaks, the meadow has been mown; just nearby, there is also a kitchen garden.


The sacred site was shown by Milda Medne residing at the Mūrnieki homestead. They say that the oaks had been planted in a quadrangle. They came to the oaks to pray the God and hang pieces of rags on the trees. It used to be our ancestors' shrine. They carried food in bowls.Report by J. Urtāns of December 3, 1976. Stored at the Monument Documentation Centre of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection.

Accessible by crossing a private homestead's yard and the edge of the field.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
By the edge of the road at the Lieplejas homestead located several hundred meters S of Augstroze Church and the Krusts Hill (Cross Hill), there is a sign Elku ozoli (Idols' Oaks), but as thre is neither distance, nor direction indicated, the sign per
Local info
At Augstroze Church, there is a joint information stand for all nearby objects.
10 - 40
Legal Status
Legal Entities
It seems that the name Elku ozoli (Idols' Oaks) has appeared in modern times, because former the oaks were called the Sacrificial Oaks.

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