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Voļģi Devil's Stone (Voļģu Velnakmens)

Other references to the location
200 m north-west of the Voļģi homestead, near the A. Saulietis' native homestead "Saulieši”
lat=56.971721674574, lon=26.238924365618
56° 58' 18" N, 26° 14' 20" E

Local archaeological heritage (State Inspection for Heritage Protection, No 1669). The height of the Voļģi Stone against the ravine is about four meters, but its circumference is 12 m. No hollows can be seen on the stone (J. Urtāns. 1990. Footprint Stones, Boundary Stones, Triugh Stones (Pēdakmeņi, robežakmeņi, muldakmeņi.). Nearby there is the native homestead of the writer A. Saulietis, as well as the Saulieši Ancient Burial Ground.


"Once in older times the Devil sat on this stone. Sitting there, he mended his trousers. A thill was his needle. Unluckily a rooster started to crow. The Devil heard it and

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took to his heels. While sitting, a hollow was worn out by the Devil's seat in the form of a pot, but when taking to his heels, he tore out a spring with his leg that flows by the Devil's Stone.” (Urtāns, 1990)

The most impressive of all cult stones seen — of a pyramid form, huge, with a hollow at the very top. If there were indication signs and access, it would have tourism potential. Exposed from one side
In winter it is practically unreachable. In summer a double-sided indication sign from the Kārzdaba–Cesvaine road. 600 m through a clearing, woods. Two wetter places with off-the-cuff wooden bridges — rolled together logs. Heaps of branches and trees; if cleaned up, one could arrive by bicycle. The object is situated on municipal land, but to reach it, one has to cross a private property.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
No infrastructure. By car, a smaller bus one can arrive by the road to the right (in Cesvaine direction) right before the sign. It has not been cleaned up.
Local info
Not available
10 - 40
Legal Status
Municipal property
Nearby the impressive ruined Kārzdaba Church is situated.

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