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Liepa Small Ellīte (Liepas Mazā Ellīte)

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In a forest ravine 300 m east of the Liepa Cemetery and

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200 m south-east of the Ellītes homestead
lat=57.373873794995, lon=25.447367018664
57° 22' 25" N, 25° 26' 50" E

A cave at the Liepa Cemetery and the Ellītes homestead was formed in white sandstones as a triangular-type chink. Its depth is 8 m, width of the base — 0.5 m (at the entrance 1 m). A small spring flows out of the cave. The entrance into the cave is narrow and low, it would be difficult to get inside even for a little child, a grown-up would have to crawl on knees or grovel. As there is a spring flowing out of the cave, one has to take into account that at the entrance and in the cave there is water (Julita 2008, 2012a). It is assumed that the Little Ellīte is an ancient cult site (Vietas Ltd., 2005, 2012b). In the nearby surroundings there is the Large Ellīte, Lode clay-pits, Līči-Laņģi Cliffs.


A tale narrates that the Devil was expelled from the Large Ellīte, so he moved to live in the Little Ellīte (Cēsis 2012a). "In ancient times the Devil lived in the Large Ellīte of the Liepa Parish. The Devil sat each day on the verge of the road and repaired pastalas (simple footware made of one piece of leather) with a sledge thill. When traders were passing by on their way to the market to sell cows, the Devil bought the cows and paid money for them. When traders came home, they found birch-tree leaves in their pockets instead of money. Later god-fearing people called for 12 priests to expel the Devil from the Large Ellīte. When priests arrived and entered the Ellīte, the Devil became scared and ran away to the Little Ellīte just by tree steps. Where the Devil made a step, deep holes appeared that can be seen even nowadays.” (Laime, 2009)

In some way it is similar to the Large Ellīte — though much smaller in dimensions and the form is not so complicated as in the case of the Large Ellīte. Located in the middle of the forest, territory
There are three indication signs of the Gauja National Park that have been logically placed before turn-offs where the road splits up. The last indication sign is located at the turning to the Liepa Cemetery at a distance of about 100–150 m of the Little Ellīte. One has to drive about 60 m across a meadow, there is a path (one has to ask for directions though, because it is not clear in which direction to go). The landmark in the forest for finding the cave is a well-trodden path that is occasionally very steep. At the Liepa Cemetery house (right on the spot where the path takes to the meadow) there is a sign "Iebraukt aizliegts" ("No Trespassing").
Infrastruktur, ledning, lokaler
In the territory no facilitation and maintenance works have been performed (except for the information stand and the plank-way across the spring).
Lokal information
There is a small information stand (it contains basic information about the Little Ellīte). There ar
10 - 40
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State property

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