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Atpiļi Sacrificial Oak and 302 Found


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Cult Site (Atpiļu Upurozols un kulta vieta)
Other references to the location
Trikāta Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trikāta Rectory
lat=57.560849148106, lon=25.729157446951
57° 33' 39" N, 25° 43' 44" E

State archaeological heritage (State Inspection for Heritage Protection, No 2388). In the Atpiļi homestead of Trikāta of the Valka County. It was included into the list of state protected secular trees in 1977. The circumference is 8.03 m, age of 400 years. (G. Eniņš. 2008. 100 Most Secular and Holiest (100 Dižākie un svētākie)). Nearby is the Trikāta Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trikāta Rectory, Trikāta Medieval castle ruins, Silva Arboretum, and Vijciems Cone Drying Kiln. Within the same territory several holy sites are situated (Atpiļi Oak, the Stone called the Sacrificial Stone, several large stone cairns, and ancient burial grounds). An oak alley leads to the Sacrificial Stone, nearby is a square that, probably, used to be a gathering place near the Sacrificial Stone. The Sacrificial Stone has a hollow, in which there are still several patinated coins, both santims and Estonian cents. Near the pond there are large interesting stone cairns.


Since ancient times the Atpiļi Oak has been called the Sacrificial Oak. Yet back in the 70s of the 19th century old inhabitants of the nearby surroundings sacrificed money, prievītes (ribbon with national ornaments) and other small items to the Atpiļi Sacrificial Oak. In the nearby fields several Order's coins were found at that time. This Sacrificial Oak is associated with the spirit worshipping that was widely spread in North Vidzeme. (J. Urtāns. Latvian Ancient Shrines (Latvijas senās svētnīcas). 1993)

A very impressive and interesting object, besides the current proprietor of the Atpiļi homestead has spruced up the nearby territory, renewed the old barn and planted new trees in the spruced up terri
There is the brown sign "Atpiļu ozols” (Atpiļi Oak), right nearby is a large boulder with the inscription "Atpiļi” and the Jumis sign. Near the stone there is the sign "Privātīpašums” ("Private Property") which is embarrassing, because at the same time there is a sign to the sightseeing object and a sign that travellers are not really welcome there. Though the proprietor has no objections that people visit the oak or the stone, only the car has to be parked at the beginning of the road.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
The territory is really spruced up, the proprietor is anxious to have the territory around the cult objects cleaned up. Having acquiring the title to land, he facilitated the property. Around the oak there is an offhand fence. The old branches of the
Local info
Except for the indication sign at the beginning of the road leading to the homestead, there are no o
10 - 40
Legal Status
The proprietor of the Atpiļi homestead, just like the former proprietors, has deep respect towards the cult objects - the grandfather of the former proprietor used to say that "he would turn around in his grave" if a single stone were moved. So nobody did so. The objects have just been spruced up and the nearby territory facilitated. Proprietor of the Atpiļi homestead Rihards Circenis (phone number: + 371 26535467).

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