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Tūja Hollow Stone (Tūjas dobumakmens)

Other references to the location
About a kilometer in SW direction of the Tūja School
lat=57.4986111111, lon=24.4852777778
57° 29' 54" N, 24° 29' 7" E

The hollow stone was found in a pile of stones by a local researcher D. Čakste in 2001 when searching for great stones. The diameter of the stone is 1.26 m, the diameter of the cavity is 0.38 m, height - about 0.4 m, circumference - 4.07 m. The lower part of the stone is crude, but the upper part by means of vertical cannelure type chopping has been made relatively cylindrical. Such cylindrical stones with cylindrical type of cavities are especially typical for the W and SW parts of Kurzeme; in Vidzemē till now such types of stones have not been known. The stone used to be oriented against two small groves situated in the wide drainaged fields about a kilometer in SW direction of the Tūja School; there is no other closer landmark. The groves are well featured against the nearby lowland; it is possible to drive to them by a country road in bad condition, passing by the groves in the distance of about 100 m. Both groves are well seen from the nearby Tūja – Limbaži highway, but access from this side is hindered by a deep ditch. According to the above mentioned information, the cup marked stone was located between both groves, in a pile of stones collected from the field, although in the not so far past, by pushing or dragging it by a tractor, it had been moved to the W side grove and

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placed there on purpose. There are 12 smaller stones places around the stone in a concentric circle. There are also oaks and fir trees planted around the stone, thus possibly substantially hindering perception of the stone in the future, but currently, the trees are quite stunted.

Easily accessible, because located at the edge of a road; there is no path across the coarnfield.
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It has good tourism potential, if there were some traditions added to the site.

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