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Alsunga Stone with bowl-shaped hollow (Alsungas bļodakmens)

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In the central part of Alsunga, in front of the 12th house on Skolas Street, on the edge of the street, in the grass.
lat=56.97885, lon=21.5659666667
56° 58' 43" N, 21° 33' 57" E

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very impressive stone with a bowl-shaped hollow. The circumference of the stone in its upper part is 4.22 m, in the lower part — 4.32 m. It is larger in the lower part, because it is less carved there. The height of the stone is 0.65 m. It is red-brown rapakivi granite. On the sides of the stone with a bowl-shaped hollow, there are typical grooves, 46 in total. The side grooves are uneven, fragmentary here and there in the upper and middle parts. The grooves are mainly half a centimetre deep, some of them are deeper — 1–1.5 cm. The width of the grooves is 3–4 cm. The diameter of the hollow is 58–65 cm, depth of 13–16 cm, depending on the height of a side that is being measured. The volume of the hollow is 30 litres. The bottom of the hollow is even, only in the very centre there is a kind of 1 cm deep crumb. The whole stone is located above the ground, it is completely visible.


This stone with a hollow belongs to the type of stones with bowl-shaped hollows that is widely spread in Kurzeme. This specific stone had been brought there from some unknown place in the nearby surroundings during Soviet Times, possibly, from Tērande surroundings. There are no tales or legends known about the stone. Stones with bowl-shaped hollows are considered to be ancient cult stones, in the hollows of which, possibly, offerings were placed.

Easily accessible. There are no information signs. Situated in front of the 12th house on Skolas Street, on the edge of the street, in the grass.
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There have been no facilitation and maintenance works performed within the territory, no indication signs. As an object it is located on the edge of the street, on a private property's lawn, thus the grass is mown by the proprietor.
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There is no information stand on site
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