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Witches' Cliffs (Raganu klintis)

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In the meander of the left bank of the Vaidava River, in Ape between Pasta Street and

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the cemetery
lat=57.540321352101, lon=26.70777922117
57° 32' 25" N, 26° 42' 28" E

On the left bank of the Vaidava River, 8-10 m high, up to 100 m long sandstone detritions have formed — the Witches' Cliffs (Raganu klintis). In their lower part the river stream has eroded small niches. In the nearby surroundings there are many weird nature objects: the Werewolf's Pine-Tree and the Twin-Pine-Trees, the Witches' Broom, the Witches' Circles, the Witches' Bones, etc. (Tourism Development State Agency, 2012b). A gathering place of local significance. Already back in 1924, E. Kurce included it together with the two springs flowing out of it into the list of Latvian cult sites, and J. Urtāns shared this opinion later on (1977).


Witches' activities are mainly related to the cliff called the Witches' Cliff and the springs flowing out at its foot. In tales the witches appear not as real women, witches, but as evil spirits that are more related to the springs. In the folklore of Northern Vidzeme the witches' relationship to caves has not been established, thus the Witches' Cliffs (Witches' Hill) are to be seen as a mythological site rather than the caves.

A very beautiful and picturesque place. The cliffs can be viewed from the bridge (to the secular willow) and both banks of the Vaidava River, especially from the right one.
In the town the signs disappear, although there is the brown sign on the A2 road. In Ape it is pointed out with the indication "Tourism Objects" that appear at several crossroads.
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No infrastructure.
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Head of the Ape Tourism Information Centre and a guide Astra will tell everything. No information st
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Municipal property
Astra is an environment guide dressing up like a witch. Attractive, good interpretation.

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