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Baķi Church Hill (Baķu Baznīcas kalns)

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In the sand dunes of Melnsils, close to the seaside, in the pine tree forest. It may be difficult to find it, because in the surroundings there are quite many such hillocks, and it does not stand distinguishably against the others.
lat=57.64325, lon=22.5843333333
57° 38' 35" N, 22° 35' 3" E

It is possible that it is an ancient cult site, which nowadays does not stand distinguishably against the surrounding relief. A hill in the dune zone that is partially larger than the other nearby dunes is known as a wooden church site belonging to Christian religion. Overgrown with sparse pine tree forest.


There is a tale that in the hill a church had sunk. Nothing more is known about this, no archaeological works have been performed. Usually places with tales about sunk churches can testify that in that place once there was some Christian church or pagan worship site. In this hill there are no traces of any foundation or land transformation seen that could testify about a former building's place.

Quite easily accessible. There are no information signs.The object is situated in a pine tree forest at the seaside. No indication signs. One must walk from Melsils' dunes through the forest in the seaside direction. An unaware person can go there only by following GPS coordinates.
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There have been no facilitation and

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maintenance works performed within the territory, no indication signs
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There is no information stand on site
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State property
The surface of the hill had been demolished by war time trenches. In the surroundings of Melsils, there is one more legendary place in the dunes at the estuary of the Baķupīte River — a hillock where they say there used to be a castle of the plunderer Trommels. They say that in the estuary of the Baķupīte River there used to be a port, about which the remains of the bollards in the sand testify.

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