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Sietiņiezis Rock and its Devil's Cave (Sietiņiezis un tā Velnala)

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On the right bank of the Gauja river, about 15 km downwards from Valmiera
lat=57.4266666667, lon=25.3863888889
57° 25' 36" N, 25° 23' 11" E

Geological-geomorphological heritage - state protected nature territory. The Sietiņiezis Rock is the largest white sandstone detrition in Latvia. The territory of the Gauja National Park, Natura2000. The object's relation to cult comes of the tales about the Devil's activities at the rock itself and in its surroundings. The largest sandstone protuberance in the southern part of the Sietiņiezis Rock is called the Devil's Heel; at the S part, at the cave-in, the Sietiņiezis Devil's Cave is situated. The Sietiņiezis Devil's Hill is ~10.5 m long. The cave is unique due to the fact that its both endings are open; here, not far from the former already collapsed sandstone arch, a new arch is forming. At the entrance the cave is wide and high (5 m wide, 4 m high, 2.5 m deep), further on it becomes narrower (30 cm high, 70 cm wide) until it forms a filler again on the other side (depth of 8 m, width up to 13 m) that catches snow and rain water that enlarges the cave while flowing through it. (S. Laime, 2009) The length of the cave is 1.2 m, the space of the ground is 25 m2. Other nearby objects: Antoni Devil's Stone, Polbrenči Spring, Vaidava Lake, Swedish Pine, Stoķi Cliffs, and the Health Spring.


"In the Kokmuiža Parish on the right bank of the Gauja River at the Sietiņi homestead, the so-called Sietiņi Rock is situated. In former times the Devil sat on it, no priests could send him away from there, because each of them had sinned. Finally a priest from Rubene expelled the Devil through the rock into the Gauja whirlpool. Yet now in the rock there is a Devil's hole where small devils brought stones, but when a Sietiņi's rooster crowed, they threw the stones away in the field of the Brieži manor house. They wanted to make a bridge across the Gauja.” (23, 7306, narrated by M.Ivane, 70 years old recorded by K. Bukums, 1926. Valmiera County Tales (Valmieras novada teikas). 1999.) "In the Sietiņi Rock, in the former Devil's dwelling, in the cave, huge large hawks, as large as sheep, used to nestle and they were called by people "būmaņi".” (9679 Bukums, compiled by I. Ruberte. Valmiera County Tales (Valmieras novada teikas). 1999.) (For more detail see: S. Laime, 2009)

The object is unique in terms of Latvia mainly as a nature object, but its mythological significance and relation to cult is secondary. The environment is very well arranged and maintained, infrastruc
Clear and logical indication signs at the main roads leading to the object. The object's accessibility is good, only it could be difficult for disabled people to climb the stars. A parking lot ~300 m of the object. It can be visited free of charge.
Infrastruktur, ledning, lokaler
The object is facilitated: information stands, recreation places, bike stands, a bonfire place, safety demarcation, staircase, and sightseeing spots. Maintenance works are performed by the administration of the Gauja National Park.
Lokal information
Information stands emphasizing more the nature aspects of the object. The Devil's Cave is not mentio
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State property

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