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Gulbji Cross Stone Tobacco Dosage (Gulbju Krustakmens Tabakdoze)

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At the Gulbji, on the left side of the Alūksne–Kalncempji road, 7 km of Kalncempji
lat=57.34477476504, lon=26.966608288388
57° 20' 41" N, 26° 57' 59" E
Asukoha kirjeldus

Local archaeological heritage (State Inspection for Heritage Protection, No 164). The Gulbji Cross Stone is also called the Tabakdoze. The stone had been artificially split, it is a pillar-type stone (height of 1 m). On its front smoothed side there is a cross carved. The base of the cross had been carved deeper than the other cross lines and

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form a small hollow - "'tabakdoze” ("tobacco dosage"). It is quite a small stone. It is hidden in the trees (we missed it twice when driving by, although it is situated on the roadside). On the surface there is a well visible cross and a peculiar hollow (its depth is of about the length of a pointing finger).


No recorded folklore materials have been found. The local people cannot tell anything about the site. A tale proves that the Gulbji Cross Stone is considered to be an ancient stone commemorating some tragic event (J. Urtāns, 1990, pp. 65–66).

The stone does not distinguish itself. It is peculiar and interesting only due to its well visible cross and the peculiar hollow.
There is an indication sign to the stone at the crossroad of the Gulbene – Alūksne road, though there is none by the stone. The closest place is the Kantorkrogs homestead and bus stop (driving from the side of the Alsviķi Parish, turning at the Strautiņi). The nearby former Gulbji homestead has burnt down.
No infratructure. The object is on the roadside (175 m vjl.).
Kohapealne info
No information on the site. The only news is provided by the proprietor of the Kantorkrogs homestead
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10 - 40
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As Jānis remembers from what his mother and grandmother told him, nearby there used to be a tower and a church (it, probably, explains the cross issue). But about the hollow there is a legend that there some man, a passerby, died because of the lack of a tobacco dosage (hence the second name — Tabakdoze (Tobacco Dosage)). Jānis with other guys used to put cigarettes there.

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