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Graudiņi Jāņkalns Hill (Graudiņu Jāņkalns)

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At the Graudiņi homestead about 150 m SE of the homestead's ruinous threshing barn.
lat=57.8975, lon=24.8738888889
57° 53' 51" N, 24° 52' 26" E
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A place named Jāņkalns in Rozēni parish appears already in E. Kurtz' list of ancient cult sites (Kurtz, 1924, 56, No.74). In 1994, a local history researcher E. Kristapsone made a grounded statement that this place can be identified with the Jānķalns (Janis' Hill) at the Graudiņi homestead, on the left bank of the Īģe River, which has been both called Jāņkalns and

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used for celebrating the summer solstice (In Latvian called Jāņi). The Jāņkalns located across the ravine about 150 m SE of the Graudiņi homestead's ruinous threshing barn (the homestead is being used as a summer house) is a remaining support between the Īģe River and the brook flowing into it with the ravine formed by it. The Jāņkalns is 15 m high measured up against the Īģe River, it is steep, lower to other sides, 7-8 m high measured up against the side ravine. The hill's surface is remarkably flat with sharp passages to both slopes that might have been formed by landslids. The hill is oriented NNE-SSW; on top side, it is about 40 m long and 20 m wide. At SSW end, there is an old and quite shallow overgrown place for taking sand; the opposite side has been slightly eroding, because over this slope and further over the hill, there is an almost unused fishermen's path. The hill has been overgrown by trees, predominantly by young fir trees; towards the Graudiņi homestead, there are several large birch trees. The composition of the soil is sand, being more grayish at the top layer.

At present, the site is not very attractive, but it can be made so.
The access is relatively good; across the meadow and the ravine along the river bank taking the footpath.
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It seems that during the times when the Jāņkalns and its nearby surroundings had not yet been overgrown by trees, there was a broad view from the hill. In the Graudiņi bight, downwards the Jāņkalns, there were other gaieties held as well. Upwards the Jāņkalns on the same bank of the Īģe River, there is the Graudiņu Velna ala (the Graudiņi Devil's Cave).

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