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Naugrubi Tinābele Apple-Tree and Sacrificial Linden (Naugrubu Tinābele un Upurliepa)

Other references to the location
1.5 km S of Trapene
lat=57.437254619897, lon=26.577720638335
57° 26' 14" N, 26° 34' 39" E

The Naugrubi Tinābele Apple-Tree is local archaeological heritage (State Inspection for Heritage Protection, No 210). No information on the Sacrificial Linden. The threads and ribbons tied into the branches of the Tinābele Apple-Tree prove that it is used for rituals (local people believe that their wish would come true).


No recorded folklore materials have been found. The local people cannot tell anything about the site.

The object is cleaned up. The linden is rather thick (can be embraced by two persons), but it is not included in the list of secular trees. The Tinābele Apple-Tree has an interesting form — the hollow
From the road one can notice a group of lindens on the edge of the field, but the apple-tree is not seen. Moreover, the lindens can be noticed only when you look for them deliberately, because the road leads through a linden alley — there are many such trees there. The Sacrificial Linden does not differ from other lindens in any way. On the opposite side of the road at a distance of about 50 m, there is a large shed, it can help as a landmark. No indication signs. At the trees there are signs with both names and their usage in rituals.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
It is cleaned up. The grass around the group of trees is mown, further in the meadow the grass is almost as tall as a human.
Local info
At a shop in Trapene there is a stand with a photo and indication to the cult site. In the centre of
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Legal Status
Municipal property
Emma Vallija Šļukuma is in charge of tourism activities and planning in Trapene (2 audios). In the Tinābele Apple-Tree they used to tie wool threads and ribbons hoping that their wishes would come true. They brought flowers and food for the dead souls to the Sacrificial Linden, especially at the veļi time (when the ghosts of the dead came to visit in autumn) (from the information by the trees).

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