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Kaņepji Holy Oak (Kaņepju ozols)

Other references to the location
100 m SW of the Kaņepji homestead. It is well visible already when arriving from the side of the Goriņas homestead.
lat=57.701539640342, lon=25.661402437254
57° 42' 5" N, 25° 39' 41" E

The Kaņepji Oak is the second thickest in Latvia and

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in the Baltics. Its circumference is 9.4 m, age of 450 years. Since 1977 the secular oak has been included into the nature heritage list, since 1994 - also in the list of state archaeological heritage (State Inspection for Heritage Protection, No 2372), because at the oak there were stone cairns and a lot of ash found. In the midst of the oak, there is such a large hollow that once 15 persons could fit into it. The tree hollow has 3 entrances: the large one in the north, small slot in the south, but the third opening is in the upper part against the sky. To prevent rain and snow getting inside the secular tree, a wide rooflet has been erected above the large hollow on four poles. Right in the hollow on the lifeless wood, there are many names carved and initial letters. In the hollow also the name of the Kaņepji proprietor had been carved, "N. [Nikolajs] Cīrulis 15. VII 1928” (G. Eniņš. 100 Most Secular and Holiest. 2008 (100 Dižākie un svētākie)). Nearby there is the Jērcēni manor house and a park, the Jērcēni Secular Stone, the Seda Swamp.


In recent years people of the Jērcēni Parish gather there at the Līgo eve to celebrate summer solstice. There are no folkloric sources or local people's narratives known.

Although there is quite an overgrown meadow around the oak, inside the fence it is mown. The oak has remarkable dimensions, and it is interesting for seeing.
The first indication sign is at a distance of 1.4 km of the object. Two crossroads are without indication signs. One cannot reach the object by bus — it has to be left at the last crossroad (next to the stone, at which the nearby homestead "Goriņas” is indicated).
Infrastructure, management, facilities
Facilitation and maintenance works are carried out by the municipality of the Jērcēni Parish. It has erected a fence around the oak and insures grass mowing inside the fence.
Local info
Next to the oak there is an information stand where one can find information both about the oak, and
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Legal Status
Municipal property
Organizing of small events on site possible

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