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Stone from the Slate pine-forest – Lord's table

Other references to the location
On the Northern side of Slate pine forest, in the bushes of an overgrown clearing, around 160 m direction S from Silagals - Mazslate road.
lat=56.2133333333, lon=25.9480555556
56° 12' 47" N, 25° 56' 53" E

Dimensions of the stone: length - 3,6 m, width - 2,9 m, height up to 1 m, circumference - 11,20 m, volume - around 5 m3. Large-grained red granite. No carvings.


In 2010, when Juris Urtans surveyed Slate pine forest, he got to know from the local woman - A.Rublevska - that direction South from the home "Ergli" where her grandmother lived and

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which is located next to Sila road and of which there are only ruins left, there are two large stones in Slate pine forest, one of which is called God's Table and the second one, located further away from the first one - God's Chair. The stones were called like that by Ilze Erglits, wife of the soldier Jekabs Pupa from "Ergli" home. The name of the stones could also refer to other legends about the God's and Devil's people from Slate, a stone carried by the Devil, a witch, etc. Both stones are located approximately 50 m direction East from the last Slate ancient burial ground I hillock and approximately the same distance or slightly further direction North-East from Slate Ezerpurvs bog II settlement.

Rather interesting as a probable ancient cult site; by size - secular stone of local significance.
Hard to access. Located in an overgrown forest clearing, very low visibility. The access depends on the season - during the months, when the trees are not yet burst into leaves and the grass is not completely long, the stone may be easier to be found. Still - it is hard to find the stone in the large area.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
No tourism infrastructure in direct vicinity. Nearest town - Akniste, where one shall find tourism infrastructure: a shop, a catering site, and sightseeing objects.
Local info
No information.
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Legal Status
Property of State
Recommendation: look for the stone by coordinates.

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