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Serene Swedish Money Stone

Other references to the location
On the right side of the Serene – Nereta road, in Beku pine-and-spruce forest located in the Daudzese parish, 15 m to the right from the road, 1 km from Serene crossroads.
lat=56.5655833333, lon=25.2103333333
56° 33' 56" N, 25° 12' 37" E

Dimensions of the stone: 3,40 x 2,0 x 1,3 m, circumference 9 m, 95% moss-overgrown. At the NNE and SE ends there are pits left by "gold diggers"; at the N end of the stone there are jags on its surface, in the middle of the surface there is a hollow in the shape of a diamond - 60x30x10cm, also at the S end there are jags. Fine-grained pink granite, bears many cracks, jags and

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is very uneven. On the W side of the stone there is a crack forming sort of a shelf (1m long, 15cm wide and up to 25cm deep in relation to the surface), while on the SW end – there is a natural trough-shaped hollow in the same crack (the hollow is 20 x 15 x 15 cm large).


It is said at midnight, passing by, naked maidens had been seen lying on the hill, who combed their hair. Story about hidden money. Underneath the stone fragments from pots have been found.

Rather difficult to be examined - the stone is located in a forest. The stone bears many titles and is mentioned in many folklore sources.
Very easy accessible, but may be rather difficult to see it.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
No tourism infrastructure in direct vicinity. Not far from the site there is the Serene Bakery, where high-quality bread and similar products are offered for sale. Nearest town - Aizkraukle, where shops, accommodation and catering sites are found. Re
Local info
No information.
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Legal Status
Juris Urtans site-visited the stone on 25 May 2005 and he was shown the stone by Krisjanis Sams (born 1919), who recalled stories about hidden treasures underneath the stone and shards from dishes, which he had found at the stone. The stone is located on the right side of Serene – Nereta road, not far from the boundary of Daudzese parish.

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