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Žākles Devil's Stone (Žākļu dižakmens)

Other references to the location
200 m of the Žākles homestead, on the right bank of the Vizla, 70 m upwards its estuary into the Gauja. At the Vidzeme highway an indication sign to the Vizla Nature Trail.
lat=57.435959920057, lon=26.352725937986
57° 26' 9" N, 26° 21' 9" E

It is also called the Vizla Large Stone, Žākles Secular Stone and

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Vizla Large Boulder. The circumference of the secular stone is 16 m, height of 3.4 m, length of 6 m, width of 3.7 m, and its volume about 35 m3. A piece of about 6 m3 has split from the Vizla Large Stone. The stone leans against other stones, as well as the base of the river bed and the bank dolomite (Vietas Ltd., 2005, 2012d). The stone has been included into the Vizla Nature Trail. In 1978, in this section of the river the movie "Pūt vējiņi" (, 2008–2012) was filmed. Located in the Protected Landscape Area “Ziemeļgauja” (Northern Gauja), the territory of Natura2000. State geological geomorphological heritage.


No recorded folklore materials have been found. The local people cannot tell anything about the site.

A stone of impressive dimensions on the bank of the Vizla River. The nearby territory is cleaned up and picturesque, besides the Vizla River is bubbling strongly at its flow (it is interesting for dif
At the A2 road there are three double-sided signs at a distance of 4.7 km, 3 km, and 1.2 km. At the end of the asphalted road there is an unpaved road, by which there are no indication signs: most likely it is done deliberately, so that visitors would not drive a car but rather walk along the 1.5 km long nature trail.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
There is a fence at the Vizla River and a trail. Down to the stone there are stairs. On the bank of the river at the beginning of the stairs, some glass bottles have been scattered. A trash bin is further from the stone.
Local info
There is an information stand in two languages (Latvian and English), but the information is about t
10 - 40
Legal Status
Municipal property
4–5 names: 1) Vizla Large Boulder; 2) Vizla Large Stone; 3) Žākles Stone; 4) Žākles Devil's Stone.

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