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Līdaciņas Jānis' Hill with the Stone (Līdaciņu Jāņa kalns ar akmeni)

lat=57.509130268109, lon=26.053430694617
57° 30' 32" N, 26° 3' 12" E

State archaeological heritage (State Inspection for Heritage Protection, No 2342). Nearby is the Līdaciņas Ancient Burial Ground (burial hillock).


"The Holy Grove and

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the pile-dwelling of the ancient Latvians. Smiltene Parish. Within the territory of the Līdaciņas homestead, there is a hillock named "Sacrificial Hill”. On the hillock there is a stone named Sacrificial Stone. Near the stone now and then separate ancient coins were found (it is presumed that the coins had been sacrificed). The hillock was overgrown with huge birch-trees approximately 30 [years] ago. Then the birch-trees were chopped-off. The hillock mentioned in tales is depicted as the ancestors' Holy Grove. Some hundred steps from the Sacrificial Hill (in the evening north direction) there are remains of a pile-dwelling. Ancient tales narrate that the Holy Grove was on the bank of the lake (now a peatbog). An alley of planted lindens leads from the Sacrificial Hill to the pile-dwelling (it can be still seen). I do not know what purposes the pile-dwelling served.” (Latvian Nacional Museum of History, Bilskas Parish, reported by H. Skujiņš, 18.09.1924.)

The stone is rather large, overgrown with moss. It is situated on top of a hillock within the territory of the Līdaciņas homestead. It is quite easy to access the stone, but it is rather difficult to
One has to cross a meadow till the hillock. On top of the hillock a stone is situated, it is easily visible if it is approached from the side of the Līdaciņas homestead. The hillock itself is overgrown with trees. There are no indication signs to the hillock, but there is an indication sign to the Līdaciņas.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
The hill is situated in the Līdaciņas' private property, the proprietors of the homestead run the nearby territory.
Local info
Nearby is the Līdaciņas homestead, but there was nobody at home to ask for information. No informati
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