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Bowl-Shaped Stone of the Vaidava Hill Fort

Other references to the location
~100 m east of the Vaidava Hill Fort, among other stones (opposite to the hill fort a path leads)
lat=57.4575, lon=25.2719444444
57° 27' 27" N, 25° 16' 18" E

The Bowl-Shaped Stone was discovered in 1980 when studying O. Ozoliņš' hypothesis about an ancient sacred site in the direct proximity of the Vaidava Hill Fort (systematic stone cairns). The hypothesis, though, was not proved, but archaeologists found a stone with an artificially formed bowl that made it possible to make assumptions that still there used to be an ancient cult site. Unfortunately the bowl-shaped stone has been partially demolished, its second part cannot be found. The dimensions of the remaining part is as follows: length of 0.96 m, width of 0.70 m. Calculating roughly, the diameter of the stone used to be 1.02 m, which is a typical size for a bowl-shaped stone. As to its form, the stone used to be either naturally roundish or hewed to get an almost cylindrical form that is evidenced by one of the side edges that has remained untouched. On the stone surface there had been a bowl carved in the diameter of 21 cm, at the lower part of which, along perimeter, along the edge, a ring-like groove had been made (2 cm wide and

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up to 1.5 cm deep). Other objects nearby: Vaivada Hill Fort, Rubene, Briņķi Pine Forest Spring, Swedish Pine.Gauja National Park's Reserve Area, territory of Natura2000.


No recorded folklore materials have been found. The local people cannot tell anything about the site.

An explicit bowl-shaped stone, one of the rare bowl-shaped stones in Vidzeme.
There is an indication sign at the Vaidava Hill Fort "Pilskalna akmens krāvumi” ("Stone Cairns of the Hill Fort). A well visible in nature path starts a couple meters behind the sign (in the direction of Briņķi), on the opposite road side of the hill fort. The path takes right to the bowl-shaped stone. It can be visited free of charge.
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