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Klaustiņi Cup-Marked Stone (Klaustiņu bedrīšakmens)

Other references to the location
Around 1 km SE from the centre of Rucava, almost 100 m SW from Klaustiņi homestead, 20 m E from an orchard (plum-tree) garden, in an open place in a meadow.
lat=56.1538666667, lon=21.17765
56° 9' 13" N, 21° 10' 39" E

A stone of archaeological significance, a cup-marked stone. Dimensions: length 3.5 m, width 2.7 m, height 1.3 m, circumference 11 m, volume just 4 m3. Rapakivi granite — orange-ruddy. The stone surface is unevenly and

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lightly eroded. It is possible that a part of the stone has been split on its S side. Altogether the stone is crossed by several cracks. The stone supposedly lies in its original place.


A state-protected archeological monument, a cult site. In the gently sloping E part of the stone there is a natural cup mark cavity — 1m long, 0.5 m wide and 15–20 cm deep. In the highest part of the stone there are two gaps – spheric cavities, both 1 cm deep and 5–5.5 cm in a diametre. There are still two less believable cavities slightly higher and closer to the edge. Both of them are 0.5 cm deep, 3.5 and 4 cm in the diametre. Not far from the Klaustiņi stone an ancient burial site has been detected where antiquities have been found as well. Up to that there were only evidences that the Klaustiņi Stone was an ancient cult site, however, there was no substantiation why it should be considered such a site.

Rather easily accessible. There are no information signs. It can be found next to Klaustiņi homestead.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
There have been no facilitation and maintenance works performed within the territory, no indication signs., the stone lies in an overgrown meadow.
Local info
There is no information stand on site
10 - 40
Legal Status
The Klaustiņi Stone has been surveyed by A. Vasks (15.05.1976) and J. Asaris (21.09.1988) as well as studied by the Latvian Petroglyph Centre expedition in 2008 when it was first recognized a cup-marked stone.

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