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Alokste (Valāta) Devil’s Stone (Alokstes (Valātas) Velnakmens)

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2 km S from Kazdanga, 100 m E from Kazdanga (Valāta) Hillfort, on the left bank and

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in the bed of the Alokste River.
lat=56.7085166667, lon=21.7421666667
56° 42' 30" N, 21° 44' 31" E

The Alokste (Valāta, Kazdanga) Devil’s Stone represents various typological categories— a secular stone of local significance, Devil’s stone, a heritage monument , mythological stone. Dimensions: length 4.0 m, width 3.2 m, height 1.45 m, volume around 9 m3. Grey plagiogranite. The surface of the stone is lightly and unevenly eroded. It is rived by several small splits. The location of the stone is the original one. On the W side of the stone there are natural jags which remind teeth. There are no carvings. There is just one big split, the stone surface is rough. One of the “feet” is a squared jag of approximate size 15 x 20 cm and 1.5 cm deep, the other “foot” — 23 x 12 x 1,5 cm deep, reminds a horseshoe and a crooked foot.


The Devil’s Stone has several names and based on them researchers consider it an ancient cult site. As next to it there is an ancient settlement – Valāta hillfort, it can be assumed that the stone as an ancient site should be attributed to the settlement time of the hillfort. The stone has been known under the name Jods Stone (Another Latvian word for the Devil) at least since 1930s. The stone is described in a mythical tale of the modern times that one should not pose for photos on the stone..

Easily accessible. The stone lies in a bushy river valley, in the forest. There are no information signs, however, there is a sign indicating the Valāta Hillfort that can be accessed by car. Further one should walk 100 m E down through the hillfort bushes, in the direction of the Alokste River.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
There have been no facilitation and maintenance works performed within the territory, no indication signs.
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There is no information stand on site
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Legal Status
A small path leads to the stone which might be difficult to find when there is a long grass in the meadow.

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