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Plavinas Peter's Stone

Other references to the location
The former road diverts 100 m before the "Stabulnieki" home, 1,5 km before Plavinas to the right from the existing Riga - Daugavpils main road. The road is located aside of the old road, 80 - 100 m from the new road, on the edge of the forest.
lat=56.604, lon=25.670
56° 36' 14" N, 25° 40' 12" E

Stukmani Peter's Stone is 2,6 m long, 2 m wide, 1,9 m high, circumference - 8,0 m. It is also called the Swedish Stone and

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the Big Stone. The stone is a well-known heritage object for several centuries. Already in 1794 it was site-visited by the well-known Baltic German cartographer L.Mellin, who had stressed the carvings.


It is mentioned in many stories and legends, and locals call it also the Stone of Peter I. According to a legend during the Great Northern War the Russian Tsar had put a silver knife and fork under the stone after he had had his lunch. Should anyone be strong enough, he shall lift the stone and have a look. It also bears the property mark of the Riga archbishop - a cross and crosier of the bishop. The stone is the eldest given border stone in Latvia. It was concluded that the Stukmani Peter's Stone is deemed to be one of the four Lokstene border stones, in which there were carved the coat of arms of the Riga archbishop and his liegeman Vrangelis sometime before 1437, but no earlier than in the 14th century.

One of the most widely known Peter's Stones in Latvia; a popular object already for several centuries.
Very easy accessible.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
A facilitated resting place with benches is established by the stone. Nearest town - Plavinas, where several churches and memorial sites, several castle mounds, accommodation and catering sites, shops, and other tourism infrastructure is found.
Local info
No information.
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Legal Status
Property of State
Much described by various authors.

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