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Misa Juniper Foot Stone

Other references to the location
In the vicinity of Lambarte, 530 m direction SE from the "Paegli" home, 320 m direction SSW from the edge of the field, in the bushes of the River Iecava alluvial land.
lat=56.5025666667, lon=24.3693333333
56° 30' 9" N, 24° 22' 9" E

Dimensions of the stone: 0,75 x 0,60 x 0,30 m, circumference 2,05 m. It has atypical erosion marks all over it - its surface bears a lot of different-size "footprints". Nine of these larger, although smaller chips are found on the edges of the stone.


There are various stories and

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legends devoted to the stone. One of the stories tells: down at the stone Vaivads had a house. Once during a winter, since he was a Christian, he had went on the ice in his sledge to the Janci Church. When he return he saw that his house was drowning in the earth. He had stepped with both feet on the foundation stone and had held the house with his bare hands. This is how the footprints were left on the stone, but the house drowned anyway. According to another story the stone had been named the Saviour's Stone. The stone was last visited in 1982 by Juris Urtans, and since that time many have failed to find it. It was once again re-visited in September 2011 by A.Grinbergs, and even the residents of "Paegli" home had no information about it; after 2 hours of searching it was finally found based on the data from 1982.

Rather hard to access, since a private and closed territory shall be crossed and in the absence of its owners it is not possible (the fence is locked). Where the stone is visited based on the description, and not by the coordinates, it may take several hours.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
No infrastructure at the object. Nearest town - Bauska, where one shall find a tourism information centre, catering and accommodation sites, shops and sightseeing objects. Remarkable objects in Bauska: Bauska Castle, junction of the two rivers Musa a
Local info
No information.
0 - 9
Legal Status
The owners were informed of its location only in 2011 and they promised to safeguard it and install a small fence around it.

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