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Ozoliņi Holy Stone (Ozoliņu Svētais akmens)

Other references to the location
The Ozoliņi homestead is located on the bank of the Salaca River. There is a homestead's road leading from the Staicele – Ainaži highway through the woods, being closed at the highway with a chain.
lat=57.8402777778, lon=24.7222222222
57° 50' 25" N, 24° 43' 19" E

The stone is located in the so called Ozoliņu valley about 200 m W of the Ozoliņi homestead, about 100 m off the right bank of the Salaca River. Between the homestead and

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the Ozoliņu valley, there is a meadow; the Ozoliņu valley has been mainly overgrown with leafy forest. From above aslope, there is a road or a path leading to the stone located at the lower edge of the Ozoliņu valley's slope; the road or path is overgrown now, but it seems that in former times it was heavily used. At the stone, there is a post with a natural object sign – a green oak leaf. The stone's nearby surroundings had been cleaned up some day sawing off alders and bush; however, now the stone's surroundings are getting overgrown again. The stone is of light colour, rough grainy composition; its N and NW part and the surface had been split off and taken away, maybe it had crumbled off. There are no signs or inscriptions on the stone. The stone is gently sloping, and it seems that a big part of it has sunk into the ground. The length of the stone in N – S direction is about 5.5 m, the width in the opposite direction - about 4.5 m, its height above the ground - about a meter.


The Ozoliņu stone, the White stone, the Big stone, the Holy stone in the Ozoliņu Valley. People used to celebrate the summer solstice at the stone, the stone could be seen from the School's Hill. (Rec. by E. Kristapsone 1994, 1997, filed 1999. Stored at the Monument Documentation Centre of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection)

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