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Broken Ghost Stone

Muhu Parish
Other references to the location
Pärase village, from the Kuivastu-Kuressaare road to the Hellamaa-Nõmmküla road, from there 2,7 km to the North-East and

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North, 10 m to the east of the road.
lat=58.62363892867, lon=23.313934211492
58° 37' 25" N, 23° 18' 50" E

The stone consists of two parts (more or less the same size) divided by a crack up to kuni 25 cm wide. Height 1,9 m, length 3,4 m, width 2,5 m, with red and grey speckles. Next to the stone with the crack there are some smaller stones.


A ghost who lived by the stone who usually hassled drunk men, intruding into their wagon or jumping those on foot. The ghost would demand vodka from the men. The ghost was known to haunt the area between Lõhkine Tondikivi and Pärase stone quarry. In the early 20th century, a village child saw the ghost during the day, scarping the ground near the stone between his feet, raising up a far-flung shower of sparks. In Muhu folk belief, a tont (ghost, monster) is the common name for a frightening spirit.

A cracked stone with an interesting shape; many stories are associated with it.
Directly by the roadside. The place is part of the Tihuse horse tourism farm’s ancient culture interpretive trail, guided horse or cart tours are available. Contact: +372 51 48 667,,
Infrastructure, management, facilities
A culvert crossing a highway ditch. Parking for cars or bus by the side of the gravel road.
Local info
Signpost and information board
up to 40
Legal Status
Private and state land

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