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Briņķi Pine Forest Spring (Briņķi silavots)

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In a pine forest of Briņķi, ~1 km south of the Vaidava Hill Fort
lat=57.4511111111, lon=25.2711111111
57° 27' 3" N, 25° 16' 15" E

Healing properties are attributed to the spring water, also tales narrate that they used to sacrifice to the spring; besides this is not the only spring in the surroundings with similar properties. In the surroundings around the Vaidava Lake, there are several objects: Vaidava Hill Fort (one of the probable sites of the Beverīna Castle), the Hollow Stone of the Vaivada Hill Fort or Briņķi Pine Forest Hollow Stone, the spring at the hill fort and

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other. Gauja National Park's Reserve Area, territory of Natura2000.


"About one and a half kilometer of Metemna in south direction, along the bank of the Vaidava Lake downwards, we come to a wide sloping ravine eroded by water and overgrown with pines where even a forest road leads down to the lake. After a walk along the ravine we come to a spring overgrown with pine forest, from which a brook of cold and clear water flows without interruption further to the Vaidava Lake. This brook's outlet is called by people the Health Spring. At this spring and brook our ancestors used to go for health water to treat their eyes spoiled while dwelling in smoked threshing barns. Having washed themselves in the spring or brook, drunk its water, taken some water along in bowls, they threw some sacrificing money into the spring as payment to the Water Mother (Ūdensmāte). (K. Bukums. Compiled by I. Ruberte. Valmiera County Tales (Valmieras novada teikas). 1999)

The object was spruced up a few years ago, thus becoming more attractive for visitors and many come there to draw spring water. It should be seen together with the Vaidava Hill Fort and other objects
There is one indication sign in the Briņķi Pine Forest, from which a wide path leads to the object. It can be visited free of charge.
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