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Elkuzeme (Idols’ Land) Eye Spring (Elkuzemes Acs avots)

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In Elkuzeme (Idols’ Land) (the area between Priekule and

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Vaiņode), 10 km E-SE from Priekule, 590 m N from the Priekule–Vaiņode highway, in alden underbrush about half a kilometre from Stūri homestead and 60 m W from the nearest gravel road.
lat=56.4280333333, lon=21.7437166667
56° 25' 40" N, 21° 44' 37" E

A powerful climbing spring, which discharges into a 15 x 8.5 m large pond created by pond water which has developed to a large extent thanks to the activity of beavers nearby. The discharge place of the spring is in the middle of the pond, however, in the SE side another small spring falls in starting in the alder underbrush not far from the big spring.


Since unknown times the surroundings between Priekule and Vaiņode have had a fascinating name — Idols’ Land. Here there are many different sites belonging to the Idols’ Land – hillforts, Idols’ hills as well as other ancient sites. One of them is the spring named the Idols’ Land Eye Spring the name of which suggests the purpose it was used for. Although the spring is difficult to access and might be difficult to find without a guide or directions, it is surprisingly interesting. It is a climbing spring with purely bluish water which has accumulated in a small pond at the point of its outflow. To a large extent the peculiar looks of the spring is due to beavers, which have blocked the spring brook and thus raised the water level also at the place where the spring flows out.

Accessible with some difficulty. There are no information signs. The stone lies in an overgrown forest. It might be difficult to find because there are no good paths. One should walk 60 m W along an overgrown meadow, 60 m W from the nearest gravel road.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
There have been no facilitation and maintenance works performed within the territory, no indication signs.
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There is no information stand on site
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Legal Status
Due to the beaver dam (autumn, 2011) the water level in the discharge place of the spring has risen approximately by half a metre.

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