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Elderene Holy Springs and Devil's Stone (Elderenes svētavoti un Velnakmens)

Other references to the location
On the left bank of the Mazsālijas River, 0.3 km S of the Remesi. The closest homesteads are Puķulejas and Remesi, both at a distance of 300 m.
lat=56.88, lon=21.9222222222
56° 52' 48" N, 21° 55' 19" E

The springs called holy springs and health springs are flowing out at the meander of the main bank of the river valley. Around the springs there is a funnelled-type coving eroded with the diameter of about 30 m, the slopes of which are almost 10 m high and very steep. At the lower part of the coving, where the springs have their outlets, there is the Devil's Stone. It is 1.70 m long, 1.55 m wide, and 0.8 m high, its circumference is 4.95 m. The large crystal red granite is located in the middle of the springs' outlet place. There are no carvings or hollows on its surface. In total there are 6 springs flowing out at the ravine, but, according to information provided by local people, there are as many as 10 of them. It is possible that in spring time, during floods the number of springs is larger.


In the publication "The Week" ("Nedēļa”) in 1927 No 23, a photo of the Devil's Stone with a description was published, "Devil's Stone in the Elderene Valley, where 7 springs flow out, with the water of which all diseases could be treated. In ancient times the Elderene Valley was used as a swimming place that could be accessed by wooden stairs.” Still nowadays older people narrate that the Devil was counting money on the stone at midnight.

Difficult to access. There are no information signs. The object is located in a private property, in the woods. One has to walk along an overgrown forest road right into the forest in the direction Mazsālijas River, 300 m S of the Remesi homestead.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
There have been no facilitation and maintenance works performed within the territory, no indication signs. The surroundings are strongly overgrown, boggy and with many springs, with a steep muddy slope.
Local info
There is no information stand on site
0 - 9
Legal Status
Almost a kilometre NE of the spring compplex, there is the Mazsālijas Hill Fort.

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