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Dzelzāmurs Health Spring (Dzelzāmura Veselības avots)

Other references to the location
About 100 m in NE direction of the uninhabited Dzelzsāmuri homestead at the edge of the valley of the Karogupīte River.
lat=57.8303222222, lon=24.7905555556
57° 49' 49" N, 24° 47' 26" E

The Health Spring is located on the slope of the left bank of the Karogupīte River flowing through the marshy valley, about 100 m NE of the uninhabited Dzelzāmuri homestead. The slope of the Karogupīte River is overgrown with mixed forest, which was cleaned up right at the Spring surroundings last winter. At the slope, the Spring is indicated by a 10-15 m large damp area overgrown with distinct grass. Nearby, there are some more smaller Spring places overgrown with grass. At the slope of the bank, there are several notches; nearby, there is an iron hammer place, and it is possible that there at the slope of the Karogupīte River or downwards in the marsh used to be an iron ore mining place.


At the Dzelzāmurs, there used to be an iron spring. Jānis Megris remarks that they used to call the Spring in various names just like a beloved child: the Health Spring, the Life Spring, the Spring, the Holy Spring. They say the richest master of Staicele was the Rēciemi homestead's master. He used to send his maid to the Health Spring for water each morning. (G. Eniņš. Unknown Hillfort, Skulls in Cave Labyrinths. „Rīgas Balss” January 26, 1994)

At present, the site is not very attractive, but it can be made so.
If you cross the yard of the abandoned private house, then the access is quite easy and
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simple. If you go along the river bank from the bridge's side, then it is more difficult.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
None, but it is possible to facilitate a path from the bridge along the river bank and the Spring place itself, which at present is even hard to be identify.
Local info
10 - 40
Legal Status
Property of State
Along with other objects of the surrounding, it can create an interesting nature path.

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