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Vilce Devil's Ravine with the Devil's Bridge

Other references to the location
In nature park "Vilce", around 0,5 km direction W from Vilce manor, in the side ravine on the left bank of the River Vilce - the Devil's Ravine, and in the middle part of it - the Devil's or also called the Baron's Bridge, which is around 140m away from the River Vilce.
lat=56.4214685874, lon=23.5334167
56° 25' 17" N, 23° 32' 0" E

The ravine is wild, rather short. It is crossed by a trail, which leads through the slopes and

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crosses the watercourse by the half-ruined Baron's or the Devil's Bridge. There is another ravine in the park, which is also called the Devil's Ravine, but it bears no features of an ancient place.


"Older people tell that the ravine in the forest, not far from the Vilce manor, is the Devil's Ravine. The ravine is crossed by a small stone bridge. The devil had hidden underneath the bridge during the storm, and this is how it got the name of the Devil's Bridge. Once the devil had heard the thunder and had climbed a pine to look how far the thunder is, but the thunder had been close and had struck the Devil. The pine was split in several parts and the devil was driven deep into the earth. A divided pine is still seen, but the devil has not been seen around the ravine since then. The ravine is still called the Devil's Ravine" (941,3932, put down by M.Starutmanis, told by Zenta Maselune). Similar stories are told about the Devil's Ravine and the Bridge.

Rather easy accessible.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
Information available at the Tourist Information Centre in Vilce Manor. Well-established trails lead to it. Tourism infrastructure in nature park "Vilce": resting places, an observation tower. Hare meadow in Vilce. There are shops and accommodation s
Local info
Information available at the Tourist Information Centre in Vilce Manor.
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Legal Status
Property of State
There are many nature and heritage objects in the nearby vicinity. Nature park is well suited for visitors. Nearest sightseeing objects - Vilce castle mound and Lielmate Spring.

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