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Arona Holy Hill (Aronas Svētais kalns)

Other references to the location
Situated near the Pēči homestead
lat=56.924089912112, lon=25.977043894029
56° 55' 26" N, 25° 58' 37" E

Local archaeological heritage (State Inspection for Heritage Protection, No 1622). There are tales by local people that on the hill there used to be an ancient burial ground, but there is no precise information though. On one side of the hill a skiing track has been arranged, on the other - a clearing. A very steep hill. On one side of the hill (from the Pēči homestead) a skiing track has been arranged, it is currently overgrown with fern. On top of the hill there was a clearing, it is overgrown with smaller trees and

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No recorded folklore materials have been found. The local people cannot tell anything about the site.

It does not differ particularly from other hills, it is only very steep and there is a track. A better viewpoint from the top would be from the other side where there used to be a clearing (to the Str
No indication signs, there is none also to the nearby homesteads. The way is explained by the proprietor of the Straujēni homestead. At the Pēči homestead (the furthest one when driving from the side of Kusa, because there are 2 homesteads with identical names) a wide way has been mown leading to the skiing track in winter, built on the Holy Hill. Upwards the hill an offhand path leads.
Infrastructure, management, facilities
On the hill a skiing track has been built, at the foot of the hill a shed with a table and 2 benches erected, a ski lift built to the top of the hill — most likely, it is used privately.
Local info
No information. The landlady of the Pēči homestead Rita used to go to the hill in childhood, she als
10 - 40
Legal Status
When climbing the hill from the side of the Pēči homestead but facing the Straujēni homestead, there used to be a 200–300 years old burial ground, on the site of which now there is a clearing. The opinions of the proprietors of the Pēči homestead and the Straujēni homestead differ about the location of the ancient burial ground, both think that it was closer to their homestead (actually, it appears to be on the opposite sides of the hill).

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