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Čāpuļi Sacrificial Hill (Worship Hill) Čāpuļu Upurkalns (Lūgšanu kalns)

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By Čāpuļi, on the right side of the ravine of the Kurzemnieki (Čāpuļi) brook opposite the Čāpuļi Hill Fort and

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the Cikunte Cemetery
lat=57.0269444444, lon=22.695
57° 1' 36" N, 22° 41' 42" E

Čāpuļi Upurkalns (the Čāpuļi Sacrificial Hill) is a protrusion of the edge of the Kurzemnieki or Čāpuļi Brook’s ravine, by which there used to be a poultry farm. It had collapsed long ago but its foundation overgrown by trees and bush can be used as a landmark. The Sacrificial Hill, which does not stand against the surroundings as relief elevation, is overgrown by the bush and trees. Closer to the edge of the brook’s ravine, there is the bush, further – larger birch trees that could be about 30 years old. The size of the protrusion of the ravine’s edge, namely of the Sacrificial Hill, is hardly visible, because it is not distinguished in the relief. Between the foundation of the poultry farm and the Sacrificial Hill, there are almost a meter deep now overgrown ravines or vertical dug-up furrows reaching the Sacrificial Hill as well. In the nearby fox holes, one can see yellow sand. Opposite the Sacrificial Cave on the left side of the brook, there is the Čāpuļi Hill Fort. The typical names recorded already in former times and the location right near the Čāpuļi Hill Fort point at the Čāpuļi Sacrificial Hill as an ancient sacred site.

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There are no indication signs about the Čāpuļi Sacrificial Hill and unaware persons would not find it, because in reality the Sacrificial Hill is not a hill but an undistinguished hardly detachable protrusion of the ravine’s corner. Behind the inhabited place of Kurzemnieki in the western direction on the right side of the vale of the Kurzemnieki or Čāpuļi Brook, there is a wide production pit, which is no longer being intensively used. The production pit and the verge of the brook are being overgrown by birch trees. It seems that they have been partially planted there. In a dug-out you can see that right behind the soil layer there is a layer of limestone. Last winter within the territory of the Sacrificial Hill, the forest was cleaned up; across it thee is a property break way.

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